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Arena Lodge is situated in K.Atoll Maafushi, one of the local islands of the Maldives. The island is surrounded by a beautiful lagoon and long stretches of white sandy beach where you will be able to enjoy the natural wonders of the Maldives.

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Arena Lodge is situated in K.Atoll Maafushi, one of the local islands of the Maldives. The island is easily accessible from the airport or from Male’ either by a speedboat or ferryboat. While travel by ferryboat takes 1.5 hours to reach the hotel, travel by speedboat takes only 30 minutes. Our representatives at the airport would assist you in arranging the transport. You would be able to enjoy the tranquil scenery of multiples of beautiful islands with its crystal clear lagoon and white sandy beaches on your way to Arena Lodge Maldives.

Since Maafushi is a local island, there are certain rules that guests should comply to. And one of them is that wearing bikini is not allowed in the public places of the island and alcoholic beverages are not availbale from the island. However we do not restrict any of our customers to take sunbathe or wear bikini in some parts of the beach where public accessibility is low. We also offer excursions to picnic islands, sand banks and even resorts where such restrictions do not apply.

Since the population of Maldives follow muslim customs we kindly ask all our customers respect such customs.




Airport Transfer:

Upon your arrival at Male’ International Airport, you will be met by our representatives at the Arrival Hall. Please provide us with your flight details including time of arrival and departure to make necessary arrangements for receiving you at the airport.

Our representatives will assist you in arranging the transportation from the airport to the hotel. Transportation is available by ferryboat or a speedboat. Guests are required to pay the transportation charges directly to the hotel upon arrival to the hotel

Travel by speedboat will take only 30 minutes to reach the hotel from the airport, and costs USD 190 per trip. Shared speedboat transfer services are also provided by the hotel for a surcharge of USD 30 per person for minimum of 6 persons group. Speedboat transfers are available at anytime and guests are required to make requests for a speedboat prior to their time of arrival.

Travel by ferryboat takes 1.5 hours and costs only USD 3 per person. Ferryboat is available from Male and leaves Male at 2:30 p.m. daily except Friday. Return ferry from Maafushi leaves at 7:30 a.m. daily except Friday. There are no ferry services on Friday. 

If guests arrival time to Male’ International Airport is before 13:00 hours, it is possible for us to arrange ferryboat transfer to the hotel on the same day.

If guests arrival time to Male’ International Airport is after 13:00 hours, transfer by ferryboat would not be possible to arrange on the same day. Guests can only take the ferryboat on the next day. A stop over in Male’ can be arranged by requesting us in advance.



Step By Step instructions to reach Arena Lodge Maldives by Ferry Boat

1. All the tourist to Maldives will be arriving to Male' international airport, so you are too

2. Catch a ferry to Male' from the Airport ( Every 5 minutes there will be a ferry to Male' ) . It takes just five minutes to reach Male'

3. Once you arrive to Male' take a taxi to go Villingili ferry terminal,

4. There will be sheduel ferry to Maafushi next to Villingili ferry terminal

5. You will enjoy a 1.5 hours Journey with a beutiful scenary of chains of islands and surrounding coral reefs

6. You will be welcomed by our staffs at the Maafushi Jetty upon your arrival to Maafushi.

Note : Those who do the booking online, our airport representative will meet and greet to at Male' international airport and will escort you to Arena Lodge




Its a destination beyond all the destinations, in the remote indian ocean, lies a paradise called The Maldives, island that are based in sunshine and washed with pristine blue water

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